10 Comments on “USBC Coaching: Kim Terrell-Kearney on Rotation at Release”

  1. Yes I was looking for the same thing, to see a slow motion coming into and out of the release so I can see the change in rotation better and learn from it. I think I understand the concept, but would really like to see it better.

  2. One problem, changing only axis rotation and not axis tilt only affects the amount of backend reaction, not how quickly the ball reads the lane. If you increase your axis tilt, the ball will read the lane later, and decreasing will cause it to read sooner.

  3. When you change your had position, you change your axis tilt also… Staying behind the ball during your release will read sooner, working the inside of the ball will read later and increase backend reaction… You cant change one without the other.

  4. I have bowled in many leagues for close to 40 years and competed with some of the best local amateurs that have incredible skills. Changing hand positions changes how the ball rotates. There’s no need of trying to turn it because the core inside will be turning the ball for you.

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