USBC Masters – Slow-motion Reel

Check out the power and hook of some of the best bowlers in the world in super slow motion as they compete at the 2017 USBC Masters.

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12 Comments on “USBC Masters – Slow-motion Reel”

    1. bruce t like almost ten years? i dont know when it started but its been a thing for some time now

    2. bruce t where have you been my my man? The oil patterns have gotten so tough that bowlers starts throwing more and more revs. Tommy Jones and EJ Tackett come to mind. And beyond that you need two hands. Which is tough because ball speed is hard to maintain with two hands. How Belmonte throws so damn fast is beyond me.

  1. Belmo & urethane = hey! if Jesper Svensson only bowls with urethane then Hmm i think he’s onto something? 🙂 the lightbulb finally went off in Belmos head. LOL

    1. Or perhaps Belmo met a lane that just works well with urethane. Also, Svensson throws things other than urethane otherwise he would lose on 43 ft.+ patterns

  2. Why Tom Smallwood is a full roller ? I know it’s because of his ball’s track. But how’d he do it ?

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