Viall Files Episode 113: Peter Weber Speaks Out

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Pilot Pete talks to Nick to break his silence about it all. He tells us what actually happened between him and Madi, what he thinks of Barb’s reaction during ATFR, and what’s going on with Kelley. Plus, he shares the story of what went down when he first met Kelley.

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57 Comments on “Viall Files Episode 113: Peter Weber Speaks Out”

  1. Peter was a terrible bachelor, but I think is probably a genuinely nice dude. I do feel for him for all of the hate, but that’s what he signed up for.

    1. Aaron yeah I agree I still think he’s a nice guy..I just think he got super overwhelmed with the environment.

  2. I still think barb could have been a little nicer to Madison and support Peter if he wanted to try with Madison.

  3. I thought this was going to be an interview filled with “cookie cutter answers” but I feel like he was pretty honest And held himself accountable. All apart of his growth.

    1. @ss I agree. I never stopped liking Peter. He made stupid mistakes but he isn’t a malicious person.

  4. I can’t imagine how horrified Maddies parents were to watch a grown woman whose son is in a relationship with her and have her speak to her the way barb spoke to Maddie. I can only imagine that her parents kept tell her you should be with someone whose family will respect you. And Barb has zero respect. She doesn’t even have respect for herself. To allow herself to be so disrespectful with someone who is in a relationship with her son is so disgusting.

    1. @Chance Campbell See my reply below… at the end of the day, you can choose to live by an eye for an eye or to turn the other cheek.
      I personally believe self-respect is important and understand where you’re coming from, but I also feel that Madi’s professed faith would definitely encourage different behavior than she displayed. Even if we don’t live by her moral choices, the aphorism “an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind” certainly applies.
      Long story short, she didn’t seem to care for Peter or have any desire to be kind to be kind or respectful to his family. I don’t understand why they should have been respectful to her.

    2. Where were Madison parents, to back her up or support her… Why they were not there on the last show ???

    3. Martina K parents usually aren’t there. Peters parents were there because they live close by

    4. ajoy hostet I agree that she should have apologized. But she also didn’t deserve Barbs treatment. Jesus also told His disciples that there are times you need to shake the dust off your sandals & move on. He also said not to cast pearls before pigs because the pigs can’t understand the value. Those who are without sin should cast the first stone. God is the only righteous judge.

    5. ajoy hostet she told Barb she wants what’s best Peter. She didn’t know if that was her. Does Barb want her to lie & pretend? Madison was honest about her struggles

    1. I know I hate when he does this but I think it happens when the person can’t spit anything out. But I tend to think it would be better to let there be dead air to show how incapable some of these guests are.

  5. “Idk why jack said that, what does that have to do with anything” the line dancing line had me cracking up

  6. Lots of adults are close to their parents, but if Peter wants a successful relationship with a wife he will need to be willing to have some boundaries with his Mother.

    1. @PALLABI DEY by your name I assume you have Bengali lineage. The point you’re missing is that the thing isn’t happening in Asia or Latin America. It is in the USA and he is bringing in an American girl home. So he better be ready to accept American values or not be on the show.

    2. Cleo Goodlin said perfectly! I’m Asian and grew up with an overprotective family. My parents would have never responded this way. Even if they didn’t like the guy I chose, they would not have been disrespectful. Believe me, they would tell me their opinion in private. In terms of Barb “loving” any girl he chose, no matter who it is it is only a matter of time before there will be conflict. I bet Barb wouldn’t be loving that girl too much.

  7. I love Richelle! She always asks the questions that the girls’ minds are thinking! Also love how Nick is not afraid to really dive deep and get answers, best podcast for sure

  8. I truely hope Peter finds his person!! Been a fan since Bachelorette. He seems to be a genuine, kind, and caring person. He deserves Happiness!!

    1. You can tell he is a wonderful and authentic guy! People like him often get massacred by the evil populous. But those beings are losing.

    2. I still really like Peter. But he has to figure out what he wants for himself independent of his family and anyone else

    1. @G Money are you ok? Bc you wrote a whole essay that no one read, acting like you know them and now you’re attacking my work ethic bc I dont know them. I made a factually based comment on peter having sex multiple times on national television. Its not crazy to assume that the same man that cant keep it in his pants for 2 months at a time on nat.l tv is doing no holds bar in real life. Idk why that hurt you. Eat a snickers.

    2. G Money If you believe what you said about knowing these people, then you cant tell us about what we have been through ! You are very mixed up!

    3. Juliétte I can believe whatever I want the problem is you want me to agree with you too. Who are you? Right, nobody.

  9. Nick’s language :/ Peter seems real. Barbara’s behavior was inappropriate for live TV. She was insensitive to Madison being right there and what she said was hurtful and rude.

  10. Oh. That explains the relationship with Kelly. Barb approves. That’s all that matters to Peter. And it’s bullshit when he says his mom didn’t influence the split with Maddie.

    1. talie the way Madison treated them was very wrong. She barely knew them and didn’t apologize or have any grace with them. It’s always about Madison. She is spoiled rotten. Barb just knows what’s up and didn’t like her. She saw the truth.

    2. @ss Peter explained that had to drink cider because alcohol is not permitted in the location they had their date.

    3. @ss If he wanted an adult relationship then why is he letting his Mommy make his decisions? Madison would find herself in hell if she had to put up with Barb and her need to be in the middle of everything, including her son’s sex life. Run Madi, Run!!!

    4. @ss I agree on the fact that Madison could’ve apology, just like Peter should’ve defended her for having his parents wait (they both needed that discussion to make an important decision on their relationship). But we all know both Madison and Peter were under pressure, none of us would’ve accept being treated like so on national tv just because we love someone’s son!! Adults can still be respectful of others even when they don’t like the younger. Barb may have had her final say on how she felt about Madison’s strong character, but let’s admit she had personal issues with the poor girl. You just don’t act like this for something that went wrong on 1 day. The fact that Peter made Madison sound like the dominant impulsive woman to his family is what messed this up. You can’t blame a girl for standing for herself. Of course Peter made this entire family think she’s the bad guy. Bringing back the fact that there were previous bachelors that didn’t sleep with other women once they knew they wanted to be with 1 girl. We all know that Peter’s indecisiveness was very messy and immature. So Madison standing her ground 1 way or the other doesn’t make 1 wrong neither. Peter & Madi had a great connection until his confusion led to fantasy discussion. The issue wasn’t that Madison gave him an ultimatum. He realized unredeemably messed up (many girls saw that too) and he’s admitted it himself. Madison in fact gave him another chance even if she got conflicted as well. At the end, these 2 actually had a great chemistry but were not a match for a longterm relationship. So I salute Madison for being a strong young woman and both deciding to part ways. I think he’s learned a bit from this even if I think jumping from one relationship to another is very unhealthy (referring to the Kelly rebound) 🤷🏽‍♀️

  11. I think we’re giving Peter too much leniency because we think he’s fragile. Imagine Kaitlyn and Shawn were on stage and one of Kaitlyn’s parents started going after Shawn and insulting him. She would cut them off immediately (because she’s an adult with a healthy relationship with her parents) and say they need to do this off-camera. I’m not saying Peter needed to cut her off immediately, but he needed to do something other than sit there and wait for Barb to finish her monologue and then allow Madison to defend herself, then plead for his mom to give Madison a chance.

    1. I dont think hes ever learned how to stand up for himself, especially regarding his mom’s behavior towards him

  12. I think Kelly was annoyed with the process of the show and therefore “checked out” and made it obvious when she said “I’ll just be here taking a nap” and so wasn’t coming across emotionally invested and that’s why Peter let her go

  13. I have a similar lifestyle to Madi’s due to faith as well and I respect her path and decision but I would never go on the bachelor…I feel somehow it’s opening a large can of worms & asking for trouble

    1. Thank you for your comment !!!
      I never understand why virgin girl goes on TV to compete for guy who is famous for sex in windmill…..
      But I understand her faith when few days after the show she was shopping with Selena Gomes!

  14. I’m still so confused. Madison went on the first “one-on-one” to peters parents house for their “vow renewals” and they liked her then…. soo… what happened!

    1. Madison hadnt made known her moral beliefs at the time…. Parents felt she gave Peter an ultimatum and that she was manipulative. I feel Madison should have made known how she felt much sooner, or she should not have even gone on the show with the way she felt

    2. It must have been the “Headspace!” He said that a zillion times! And he respects her like no other – not true or he would shown more respect. What a joke he is. The host too.

    3. She will always be in the family photos of the vow renewals. Ha ha. I thought at that time, she would be the o e

    4. @Evonne Vanderhoek whenever people say that Madison shouldn’t have been on the show with her religious beliefs a few things come to mind. Peter went to a Christian high-school and expressed that he wanted to go back to being more religious. The bachelor show doesn’t encourage nor discourage sex. Sex isn’t necessary for over night suites just an option if the person so chooses. The one book the bachelor show allows contestants is the Bible.

  15. Peter is so awkward and he just lets people run all over him. That’s why he had conflicting feelings and let his mom speak to Madison that way. He needed to grow up a lot before he was ready to be the Bachelor.

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