Vintage PBA Trash Talk | Chris Barnes vs. Brad Angelo | 2010 PBA Marathon Open

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In the second match of the 2010 PBA Marathon Open telecast, Brad Angelo rolls a Brooklyn strike in the sixth frame and hoists his arms in celebration. Opponent Chris Barnes doesn't take kindly to it. Commentators Rob Stone and Randy Pedersen add to the debate.

After defeating Barnes, Angelo went on to lose to Pete Weber, who then secured his 35th career PBA Tour title (and first in three years) by defeating Mike Scroggins in the championship match. The Scroggins loss also meant Walter Ray Williams Jr. clinched the 2010 PBA Player of the Year award for a record seventh time.

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40 Comments on “Vintage PBA Trash Talk | Chris Barnes vs. Brad Angelo | 2010 PBA Marathon Open”

  1. Not to knock on the old men quietly respecting one another style of bowling, but this was thoroughly entertaining on every level.

    1. CB is not an old man dude is frozen in time. Check out the ’85 bowling shootout. Looks same today.


    11:52 – Angelo gets a Brooklyn and raises his hands
    12:00 – Barnes looks pretty annoyed
    12:33 – Angelo strings a double with the Brooklyn
    13:16 – Barnes strikes back
    13:52 – “It didn’t go Brooklyn”
    14:17 – Barnes strikes back again
    19:08 – Angelo marks to *WIN*

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  3. Respect to Angelo for not backing down and same respect for Barnes for shaking hands and congratulating Angelo after losing.

    1. Irrelevant to the point .Barnes was being a little pissbaby over Angelo having the audacity to get excited for a lucky strike. Im glad Brad won.

    2. @Manatee Power You wanna talk butthurt? Brad Angelo cried over Jason Sploogemonte drinking WATER during his shot. I mean, God forbid a thirsty man takes a drink.

    3. @Manatee Power bud Angelo’s a hothead😂 he got pissed at AJ Johnson in the pba league this past year cuz he got hyped over a strike😂

  4. The frst shot from Barnes, look how fast the machine comes down, not even the rake is down before the deck is coming down to check for pins. That should be an issue in a tournament. There is supposed to be a slight delay.

    1. @Kujivs what? It’s controlled by a sensor near the rack. When it senses that an object (the ball) blocks an ir beam from going across the lane, it puts the sweep down after a delay.

  5. “Not when you throw a brooklyn against your opponent”.

    Good God give me a break. Don’t make this like baseball with all of its shitty “unwritten rules”.

    1. 14:32 Randy makes it seem like Brad got right up in Chris’s face after he threw that shot. I respect Randy as a bowler, but I can’t stand him as an announcer. He raised his arms after a lucky shot so what? Randy and Chris would be like some guys in my sport shot league that will yell at you if you don’t give them two lane courtesy, which apparently is also another stupid “unwritten” rule in my league.

  6. I’ve only started watching Bowling it’s weird seeing the players answer questions from the commentators live during the match, must be the only sport that does this?

    1. was an attempt to make tv bowling more interesting for viewers. they don’t do it anymore because obviously, it was too distracting

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