Vintage PBA Trash Talk | Pete Weber vs. Jason Belmonte | 2015 USBC Masters

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Two of the all-time greats battled in the semifinal match of the 2015 USBC Masters. Weber took issue with Belmonte's towel (or shammy) and let his feelings be known.

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Results: the match came down to the 10th frame, with Belmonte ultimately winning and moving on to the title match, where he defeated AJ Johnson for the title. It was Belmonte's third consecutive USBC Masters championship.

A USBC Masters victory for Weber would've made him the second player in history, after Mike Aulby, to complete the Super Slam. The USBC Masters still eludes Weber. Five years later, Belmonte would win the U.S. Open (an event Weber has won a record five times) to join Aulby as the only two players in history to win all five majors. - 20 Years Online - Free Shipping Every Item Every Day

75 Comments on “Vintage PBA Trash Talk | Pete Weber vs. Jason Belmonte | 2015 USBC Masters”

    2:13 – Jason gets a Brooklyn
    2:59 – Pete leaves 2-8-10
    6:00 – Pete gets a messenger
    7:26 – Jason gets another Brooklyn
    7:35 – “This is what I’m gonna lose to? Brooklyns” – Pete
    7:44 – Replay shows Pete throwing glasses in anger
    13:07 – Jason throws towel at Pete’s equipment
    13:22 – Jason unusually misses the 10-pin
    13:33 – Jason is notified by director to not put towel on Pete’s equipment
    14:12 – Pete strikes to keep himself alive
    14:57 – Pete scores a lucky messenger to keep the game close and begins *YELLING*
    15:29 – Jason responds with a strike
    16:08 – Strike 1
    16:56 – Strike 2
    17:35 – Doesn’t strike and misses the 10!
    18:31 – Pete leaves 3-10 to hand Jason the *WIN*

    1. @Kobooster I commented before he updated the timestamps. He even replied to me saying he added it

    1. He is a spoiled baby…. BUT, he is one of my favourite bowlers. I admit, he gets on my nerves from time to time though. I know that’s wishy-washy but oh well.

    2. Yes he is, complaining about the lanes, the lucky strikes of his opponent, and crying about the guys towel on the rack. The guy is nothing but a ego maniac.

    3. This is for all the people who commented research why he is bowling and watch his leaving speech you’ll understand why he is a “crybaby”

    1. uh because its awesome. You realized anything else you might have done would be a much larger waste of time than watching this. You were right

    1. He should have adjusted his line to hit brooklyn..that would have been awesome. Pete Weber would have screamed at the sky like the precious snowflake he is.

    1. @TraumaER Millions? This ain’t the NBA bub. Weber has been bowling for like 40 years professionally and has a net worth of 3.4 million. That means he’s earned about $85K a year before expenses. As far as what I’ve done? I bowled a 300 and got a ring which isn’t much but is a lot more than your achievements lol.

    2. @Pr0sacK yeah your 300 ring is much better than my achievements… next time take a hint by the person’s username.

    3. DC Long Been searching online for hours but can’t seem to find footage, so maybe you can fill us in……..what happened when you manned up, asked your mom for permission to leave the basement and you went and called Pete Weber a dork to his face?

  2. Belmonte is a good bowler, but and awesome guy! Took time out of a visit to my town to spend time with his biggest fan.. my son. Bowled a couple games with him, mailed him a ball, signed a bunch of stuff.. just a great dude. Class act.

    1. @XKMMx 213 you’re right, he’s not Michael Jordan. He’s Jason God Damn Belmonte and he’s more of a champion than you’ll ever be

    2. @Jasmine Hall Nope. He’s the Luka Doncic of bowling. Different style but conquered the fundamentals which makes him unstoppable because he can constantly adjust

    1. Professional bowling is dying a slow death. Like it or not, Pete Weber is bringing the hype. Notice the volume of the audience clapping increased after Weber antics.

    2. @Tonyboy if bowling went down the route of something similar to the movie “dodge ball” I’d be a huge fan

    3. This meatloaf is stuck to the pan! It reminds me of my footing against belmonte. Spray the pan!!!!! Spray it I say!!!!!

    1. I bowl with sunglasses on, polarized glasses really make a huge diff pulling glare off the lane surface. When your bowling really tough shots not having glare on the lane let’s me see things 40 feet down the lane that otherwise I wouldn’t and when you are lifting the cap swinging the whole lane watching for hook points and seeing how the ball is flaring is a big advantage… PDW isn’t wearing them just to be cool…

    1. You didn’t see that towel move? He was trying to get inside his head. Classic bowling chad move.

  3. Just watched this 20 min of bowling, that’s enough for me, be back in another five years to see what’s up………I love sports but I swear to God , I’d rather watch the chickens peck than watch bowling , girls softball is a thousand times better than bowling !

  4. Belmonte shouldn’t have been playing mind games like that. No need to keep putting your towel on his equipment dude

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