23 Comments on “Walter Ray Two hand Release PBA 2008 Skills Challenge Bowli”

  1. Wow, they must have changed the skills challenge format. I deliberately avoided watching it this year thinking it would be like past events with all of the ridiculous chairs, kissing, etc. Glad to see it was worth watching this year and hopefully it will remain that way.

  2. @AdmiralTwitchy Both actually. Its from there but also because of his accuracy in bowling that makes it come from both sports.

    1. I doubt anyone will ever convert all single pin spares in a season ever again. 475 out of 475. That is the greatest stat in bowling history imo.

  3. @ridna660r no u can be accurate and not be consistant and vise versa its how u throw it and how ur and and fingers move in the release

  4. @zachhearing release and grip have nothing to do with accuracy and the no the two go together in bowling. like i said, you cant be accurate without being consistant, and you cant be consistant without being accurate

  5. @ridna660r if ur consistant that means ur accurate and yes ur relase is were that ball is going to go u have to have the same relase and hand movement to be consitant and/or accuarate i think i kno wat im talking about im coached by a guy that went to collage with chris barnes

  6. @ridna660r
    “release and grip have nothing to do with accuracy ” then where does your accuracy come from if not from the release? i mean… you have no other affect on the ball after that.

  7. Ohh…the 1-7-10. In Candlepin bowling, we call that spare leave the Hi-lo Jack. It’s hard in candlepin, I can only imagine it amplifies in tenpin.

    1. +pizzaguy1966 I see it done all the time. Same thing Walter did, just a little slower, and a little bit more revs. Not that difficult.

  8. Walter is to bowling, what Neo was to the Matrix, what Jordan was to basketball, what Tiger was to golf, cause they all Gods, all we can do is give nods…

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