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  1. That’s probably true but more because he doesn’t miss the pocket not lack of strike ball. IMO WRW is the best of all time and it’s not even close. I have a telecast from 2000 I will upload where WRW is outhooking Hoskins, and Shafer. WRW goes with the percentages and can actually hit 1 or 2 boards. That’s why he will play straight more than hook it. However he can and has done it all. When you watch him you are watching history. Just like watching Tiger.

  2. I’ve heard that many times. I would not comment though since I never met him personally. If anyone should have an ego it’s him. WRW is the best of all time. If you don’t see it your blind. No bowler from any previous era could have made the changes and incorporate the versatility he has over the last 25 years. He’s a true legend. He should be cherished not bashed.

  3. ive met him every time he has came to ohio, and i got to say, every time i met him he seemed nice, a little abrubt, but nice

  4. Walter Ray Williams Jr. is AWESOME! There is no point in trying to disagree, it’s a fact. He’s picked up the big 4, has bowled a good number of 300 games, and has over 40 career titles. I dare anyone to give me one good reason why he ISN’T awesome!

  5. I am not blind. He is not the best of all time, Anthony is. Walter himself even says that Anthony was better. Walter has zero personality and lacks any type of people skills. Met him several times and he was so arrogant every time that I ended up disliking him as a person instead of only disliking his game. I know he is great but I hate watching him bowl. His style is as boring and bland as his personality is.

  6. @BowlingDiseased My friend who builds computers met him a few year ago. Walter’s laptop went down. my freind told walter that he was one of my favorite bowlers on the tour. I got an autographed pic of walter!!!

  7. Could have struck, too bad. The 299 shot against him by brian davis definitely didn’t have a chance to strike and he was lucky to get a 9 count.

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