11 Comments on “Walter Ray Williams Jr as a 13 year old horseshoe pitching champion”

  1. it is so cool that someone could be the best bowler in the world turning a ball one way, and the best horseshoe thrower in the world going in the opposite rotation, plus he is a low handicap golfer–he has great hand eye coordination, meaning he probably would kill you in table tennis–

  2. did not know he could pitch shoes with either hand, now not only am I impressed, I am totally a 100 per cent dead eye fan–met him in B’ham when PBA tour bowled there, coming out of his RV talked with him a minute about his golf–he loves it, Robert Trent Jones courses were a big challenge for him–he is sort of like the Chuck Norris of Bowling, if he decides to beat you, you must go down…

  3. I went to high school with Nathan and Johnathan, who were actually fraternal twins. Nathan was an outstanding cross country runner in high school. We used to go over their house in and play poker with Walter Ray….Walter Ray was a much better bowler and horseshoe pitcher than he was a poker player! Nonetheless, a very nice guy….

  4. table tennis is not only hand eye coordination its more reaction and antizipation (don’t know the english word) hand eye koordination is only a small part of table tennis the other parts are even more important…

  5. I heard a story just month ago from someone that worked closely with WRW for a few years. Apparently, he decided to go to a World Championship event to shake some rust off and managed to finish second – left handed! I’ve also heard, though only through the grapevine, that he averages 200+ with his left hand as well – bowling of course 😉

  6.  I remember being here at this tournament in Eureka Calif.. Walter Ray Williams Jr. Or “Dead Eye” (3 junior and 6 men’s World Horseshoe titles, and the #1 bowler in the world) was in my 5th-6th grade class. Jeffery called Walter a girl and Walter punched him and broke his finger. Thus Jeffery won this tournament. Who would of thought I would see a video from 41 years ago !

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