Walter Ray Williams, Jr. Awesome Bowler, Big RVer

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Take a peek at how the sport's top money winner travels on and off the tour. It's a sweet ride. It has everything. I wonder if RVing with his family makes Walter Ray a better bowler? He doesn't worry about his bowling balls being lost, sleeps in his own bed while on tour, doesn't have to pay high airline or hotel costs and has everything with him, including the kitchen sink. Pretty cool. - 20 Years Online - Free Shipping Every Item Every Day

8 Comments on “Walter Ray Williams, Jr. Awesome Bowler, Big RVer”

  1. “Walter Ray Williams, Jr, Big Rver”??? Lmao!! You gotta be joking right?? Don’t get me wrong, he’s a Great Bowler but Big Rver?? He throws the Weakest ball I ever seen and possibly the lowest Rev’s in the PBA.

  2. I know he made the most money in the PBA, He’s a very accurate Bowler, I thought you meant he put alot of Rev’s on the ball..LoL

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