21 Comments on “Walter Ray Williams Jr. converts 4,6 – 7,10 Split!”

  1. i love how he starts to look away at around 1:05 and then stops dead in his tracks as the 2 other pins are taken out. Boom!

  2. Both bowlers have great reactions. Shafer’s is best though “You’ve gotta be kidding me…nice shot.”

  3. I love the facial expressions here, Williams’ opponent is totally dumbfounded and Williams himself can’t even explain how lucky he got. The best he can do is shrug in amazement and thank whatever celestial forces let it happen.

  4. Every great feat deserves at least one conspiracy theorist to post…

    I say an employee behind the pinsetter re-directed the pin back out onto the deck.

    Just kidding. a great play, and right here in my hometown.

  5. I recall reading about Robert Smith in the juniors YABA or JAT in the late 80s or early 90s converting two big 4’s in a single game during a youth tournament in So. California. Of course he went on to be a PBA titlist but I never forgot reading about that. It was cool to recognize him wandering around Vegas a couple years ago and say hello.

  6. The double take he does is absolutely legendary.. what a gangster. The crowd and opponent reaction is so awesome

  7. I just made this split and I’m pumped AF, I slid the 6 into the 7 and 4. I’ve never seen anyone make it that way.

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