Walter Ray Williams, Jr. needs mark to capture 46th title at National Bowling Stadium Championship

I admit, i'm no Walter Ray Williams, Jr. fan, and I'm not even a Patrick Allen fan, but this was a great match between Patrick Allen and WRW, Jr. If Walter gets the the strike, then fine, he deserves the victory. But after he 8-10's he blames the pin spot! Come on, Walter! If any pin was off spot, then why didn't you ask for a rerack?? Especially for a shot to win the championship! The ball just didn't have the right angle of entry into the pocket. That lame excuse sounds like a 8th grader blaming something

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  1. That’s the first thing I thought, too. Granted, a different hit (the one in ’86 was a 2-4-8-10 that crumbled down) but same result and exact same reaction.

    Somewhat reminiscent of the ’97 Showboat, too.

  2. I got a mental image of Schlegel yelling that over the phone to Walter Ray after the show ended. Awesome post.

  3. Oh my god! I saw him up at Thunderbowl Lanes today for the qualifying round of the Viper championship. He got this, and he flipped out. I would to, since he lost because of it. He threw an even better today than he did in here. =/

  4. We used to have the U.S. Open in Jersey, but that’s moved; Long Island has the Plastic Ball Championship this year – which I’m stoked about.

  5. This shows you how good pros are on house conditions…Norm has one of the most versatile games on tour..great action bowler also!

  6. That’s part of bowling. Throwing a good bowl and leaving something that makes you want to scratch your head.

    1. Shawn Rohrer ,,, FYI ,,, a 8-10 split is a Dead πŸ’€ Ball , one that deflects off the pins. That’s why you put hook and revolutions on a Bowling Ball. Cheers 🍻

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