Walter Ray Williams, Jr. needs strike to win National Bowling Stadium Championship

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Just when it looked like he was going to lose, he fought back and needed just one more strike to beat Patrick Allen and win the National Bowling Stadium Championship. He steps up on the right lane (Cheetah Pattern) and throws the shot, with title number 46 in mind….even if he 9-spares, they tie and go to a rolloff. Typical WRW, he's gonna win, right? WRONG! - 20 Years Online - Free Shipping Every Item Every Day

19 Comments on “Walter Ray Williams, Jr. needs strike to win National Bowling Stadium Championship”

  1. The single sickest thing I’ve ever seen on TV when it comes to bowling. 13 boards of hook and a blowout 8-10, that’s the kind of thing that makes you stay up restless at night.

  2. I think he was just as shocked as everybody else. You hardly ever see a pocket 8-10 anymore, especially under those circumstances and with that much angle.

  3. That’s EXACTLY what I thought of when I saw that. In ’86 it was a bad shot. This time he really got bullshitted. And yeah, the announcers always scream too much now, I think.

  4. very true, even though the entry angle was similar, obviously this shot was dead on arrival, almost no drive thru the pins. throw in the half pocket hit, and youve got yourself an 8-10. finally, somebody else on youtube that understands the game and how its more than chucking it to the gutter and watching it peel.

  5. @CAPTAINCALVES86 me…i love this tournament…is sad what happened here…me dio pena….but i really love Patrick Allen…and this title was for the best bowler in my opinion…….is my favorite tournament of 2009

  6. in my house, when someone hits a pocket 8,10 we call it “the walter ray”, believe it or not, on our light and and short oil, that split is very often

  7. @stormBIGbowling No! WRW is awesome and PA too….no comparable. PA is one of the best bowlers ever and aww! the reaction is awesome…is surprise for him

  8. @BlackHeartedPanda I think PA was just so shocked at that moment he forgot the pattern. Actually, you’d be more likely to leave the 8-10 on Shark than on Cheetah.

  9. @cgsmitherine3 I’m sure Randy was referring to the 8-10 leave and not Walter Ray. A 47-time titlist isn’t much of a loser at all.

  10. hahaha I don’t know about you guys, but i cracked up once we all realized we thought he got a strike but didn’t ha

  11. To those of you wondering why he said “oh my god that’s a loser!”, it’s because he missed 2 pins and not just 1. Sure, he needs a strike to win, but if he got just 9, then a spare, they still tie.

    So (assuming he converts the spare) it was either he gets 9 and they tie, or he gets a strike and he wins. Nobody was thinking he might get 8 and lose on that shot, but that was the case the moment he got 8.

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