Walter Ray Williams jr. Slow motion release videos

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Slow motion videos of Walter Ray Williams jr.'s release from two different angles. Shot at the 2008 World Men's Championships in Bangkok, Thailand, using the smooth slow record feature of the Sony HDR-SR1E camera.

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  1. Up the back of the ball, all of them are always up the back of the ball. You do that, and your ball will flip properly. As soon as the ball is released with side rotation, it doesn’t flip and the ball loses alot of it’s energy when it grips the lane. You’ll see alot of 10 pins or nose shots. The weight block is there for a reason. It gets the ball down the lane and doesn’t lose that energy when it hits the pocket. It will drive through to the pit.

  2. @JMIK123 Obviously WRW is one of the best bowlers ever, if not the best. He can change his release and crank a ball when conditions warrant it, however I’d guess that in this video the oil pattern is long, and so is why you see him so far to the right with a more up the back of the ball release. Notice that he’s going up the first arrow. And… uh… turning the ball is spinning. The fingers still create lift even with a signature Pete Weber 90 degree axis rotation.

  3. @JMIK123 The best bowler EVER has a bad release????
    Get a clue before you start talking crap about things you obviously know wnothing about!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. @JMIK123 DO you even know how to attack the lanes on different condition?? He is playing far out therefore playing more lift and less turn to create consistency. People like Wes Malot and Pete Weber often play the inside part of the lane therefore needing more angle thus, turning the ball. THINK before you post man

  5. WRWJ is a smart bowler. He cuts down on the possibility of errors by using less of the lane and letting his bowling ball do the work for him. I was taught to roll 1-10 depending on the shot in 1992 when I got my first reactive resin ball. Those lessons haven’t failed me yet.

  6. walter was not playing this way many years ago…recent years he likes to play the super straight with little tilt of ball….in his early days like 90s and early 2000s, he played with his hand at more inside part of the ball and actually playing inside lines…

  7. @Banditz2007 He often plays around 5 board on all the patterns except the shark, then he’s usually in about 10 and hooking the ball more. Many of your top pros who are consistent winners have more than one release and axis tilt. Watch PDW for example. He throws an 45 degree tilt on the Viper and a 90 degree tilt on the Shark as an example. I’d say chances are he was on a shorter pattern for this video. Pin was drilled to the outside or ring finger so it went longer

  8. @xuan8839 I like the change. I play this way. Less hook. I think it’s easier to control for me anyway.

  9. @idontnoapassword In a youth league, pretty great actually. 170 is very good for your age, especially considering the lack of hook. You should try getting a hook ball and some lessons, you could really boost your average, it already sounds like your accuracy is up there.

  10. @gamemeister27 ya i don’t bowl alot of strikes and leave 2-3 frames open. i originally hooked a ball with no tumb until i got a teacher who is teaching me how to bowl straight then learn to hook it after that.i have a ball but it doesn’t hook. thanks for the advice

  11. @idontnoapassword I just got through 3 sessions with a coach as I am just getting re interested and I wanted to find the flaws in my physical game. Thankfully, they were mainly minor adjustments as my timing on the approach is pretty good. I just have to work on push with my right foot on the fourth step as I slide, and releasing the ball a little later so it doesn’t bounce after dropping straight down.

  12. @gamemeister27 ya my grandma hooked me up with a guy is about 70 now and no longer bowls anymore because of a knee injury. he says he could only throw down about 210 and that not worth bowling for. He has taught me how to bowl straight and i just learned the 4 step approach i did a modified versoin of the 3 step to look like a 4 step. i’m currently trying to learn how to hook a ball. u got any suggestions on what type of ball i should get. prob gunna go stroker or tweener

  13. @idontnoapassword On bowlingball (dot) com you can narrow results by performance. Look at the entry level performance balls, they don’t hook too much so they are very forgiving for someone just learning to hook the balls. On a side note, my coach was around 70 too, but he still bowls in a traveling league because he enjoys the varying conditions.

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