Walter Ray Williams Jr. Throws a Two Handed Shot at the 2012 Cheetah Open

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Two handed bowlers are earning titles and appearing on more TV shows than before thanks to Osku Palermaa and Jason Belmonte. Is this video of Walter Ray Williams Jr. Bowling two handed at the 2012 Cheetah Open proof that two handed bowling is becoming a legit way of life? More than likely he was simply playing around. πŸ˜›

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20 Comments on “Walter Ray Williams Jr. Throws a Two Handed Shot at the 2012 Cheetah Open”

  1. In all seriousness, based on the way Walter Ray swung the ball back, leaned into the shot, and flowed through the release, he’s practised that shot at least a little. I saw another video in which he was messing around and it didn’t look as good. So…yeah. I would advise anyone ELSE to keep the head more steady, but that’s Walter Ray!

  2. lol throwing 2 handed is fun, but I wouldnt throw a league like that. I only average about a 170 or so 2 handed. I think its perfectly legit to be a 2 handed bowler though.

  3. Walter throws it pretty good 2handed…..hes been toying with the style for a while… i wouldnt be surprised if we saw more that from him.

  4. Dident look like the outsideline was the right choice to me,but im sure he did a bit of practise beforehand if he starts throwing it like that in the tournaments.You whouldent want youre first time to be public,and risk making a fool of youreself LoL I bet he wish he thought of that himself 20years ago.That whould certainly have meant 2-handed whould have been a legit way of throwing the ball today,and not the least frowned upon.Personally I think its the coolest thing ever

  5. its not really effective, as lanes break down getting brooklyns becomes much more common, and the pin carry drops

  6. It was on practice session he gets more information of the lanes and how they react by throwing two handed

  7. Could you elaborate on this? I kind of understand- when i throw 2 handed its more apparent where and when the ball skids and grabs the lane, but I’m not sure how that would help him because his ball reaction would be so much different with his normal style and he should be fine on cheetah anyways, since it tends to support stroker games.

  8. Yes, that makes perfect sense, considering his last title was earned 4 years ago. His last major was 3 years ago. Jason Belmonte’s last title was earned two months ago.

  9. @7split10
    Spoke to soon huh? πŸ˜‰

    Last month he tried it at the Barbasol tournament of champions (because he was struggling mightily with his usual throw).

  10. walk down and bowl..nice easy short arm swing and follow through with lift…c’mon, the game doesn’t change..i promise you the more accurate you are in terms of control and speed the better your results will be over the long haul.

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