Walter Ray Williams Jr. Vs. Mark Roth

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32 Comments on “Walter Ray Williams Jr. Vs. Mark Roth”

  1. Walter Ray Williams – has never won a PBA title

    now he has more PBA titles than anyone else in history

    1. And also Walter missing the ten pin in frame 2. Now he’s known for almost never ever missing spares.

      Yup, much has changed.

  2. Kinda wish the commercials weren’t fast forwarded. Love taking trips down memory lane. Thanks for the upload!

  3. This must be a VERY early TV appearance for Walter Ray. What year was this?  Could not recognize his style!!!!! He held the ball unusually high in his first step. As for Walter missing the 10, I remember Randy Pedersen once said “The last time Walter ever missed a single pin spare was when I was in Junior High School.”

    1. The high ball on the push out was different than now but the rest of the delivery is pure WRW. Little did they know they are watching the GOAT.

  4. Amazing how his style changed from this. This is even a 4 step approach and only two fingers on the 10 pin spares. Seems he figured out the winning style mid 90s. 2000s he’s a completely different player, immensely much more confident!

    1. Not necessarily – he won a number of tournaments with urethane – and during the resin era, he used plastic to win a couple of them. He, like Weber, have adapted to all types of equipment. Remember they are good spare shooters and that counts no matter what era.

  5. who would have thought JR. would become the G.O.A.T. after this match. Jr. had 40k in winnings before he even won a tournament? Amazing career.

    1. Earl Anthony is the greatest of all time. He won more tournaments in less time than anyone else. If he hadn’t retired due to health issues, he’d have racked up a few more. It took Walter Ray twice as many tournaments to win as many championships as The Pearl.

  6. If the bowling gods hadn’t screwed Walter, he would have 100 titles instead of the 47 or so he has now.

  7. These people commenting about Roth’s “ugly” style. I wonder what they think of 90% of the styles we see on tv today……

    1. WRJ has an ugly style. Looks like he is gonna lose his balance and fall forward every time. Walter Ray even said, my style is not the kind to emulate.

  8. notice the push away at this time it was very high instead of straight out in front him and a higher backswing thats not condusive to his suitcase roll that you saw for the majority of his career. I think WRWJ had amazing hand eye coordination, not the most talented bowler I’ve ever seen, but the most successful. Just my opinion.

  9. When I used to bowl by myself on saturdays just to see what I could score, I tried rolling from the outside in, just like walter ray.

    I never paid that much attention beforehand to how many 10 pin spares you end up with, but it’s really maddening. Hit the pocket flush, the entire deck clears except the 10 pin stands there as if it’s welded to the floor – just like 3:58 in this video

    If I was in a league, I’d still bowl that way, though. Sometimes you throw 175, sometimes you throw 260, but you kind of know what you’ll be looking at.

  10. I remember thinking how rude it was to call the best sportspeople GOATs until some defined for me what GOAT stood for.

    Yes, I is dumb. 🐐🐐🐐

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