21 Comments on “Walter Ray Williams Jr. vs. Sean Rash – Bowling HORSE (Arrows)”

  1. I love the idea! Maybe next time do boards? I especially love looking at players playing either straight up the 1-board or hooking it off the 1-board.

  2. So they have GS-X:s on the first two lanes, and then two A-2:s and then two more GS-X:s. Also different lanes. Is this brunswicks test alley?!

    1. ThinkCleverAndSmart yes this is the Brunswick corporation building. I’ve been there, it has gsx, a2, and either gs90 or gs10 I can’t remember, but thats where all the ball videos are filmed

    2. I wanted to go their. I love Brunswick with my Brunswick/Sunbridge 2-Ball Bag, Brunswick Twist and Brunswick Axis (my spare ball). I’ll be buying the Rhino soon cause the AMF Center I bowled at has no heavy oil, always medium to dry.

  3. This is MUCH harder than they make it look! Anyone that can throw the 7th arrow and still have enough backend to finish in the pocket is AMAZING! Try doing it on the open pattern. lol

    1. Lofting doesn’t hurt the damn lane. It’s more likely you’ll hurt the ball than the lane itself lol

  4. Everybody is throwing my go to The True Nirvana! That ball has increased my average by 12 pins over the last year.

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