8 Comments on “Walter Ray Williams Jr. Wins 2010 USBC Masters”

  1. He isn’t, actually. I believe it’s Ernie Schlegel, who won the 1996 Masters at age 53. A few months earlier, he won the ’95 TPC.

    John Handegard is the oldest to win a PBA national title – he was 57, and did it in 1995.

  2. i wonder i know walter is good at horseshoes i think hes like ohh ok i just won a pba tournament now i am gonna go win another horseshoe championship no big deal

  3. I wish more bowlers coming up kept it as simple and straightforward as he does. I think it’s the reason that even the best bowlers today can’t touch his consistancy. You could probably count WRJ’s cold streaks during his career on one hand.

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