Watch Joe Scarborough Convert The 7-10 At PBA50 National Championship

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Watch as Joe Scarborough converts the 7-10 split during the final round of qualifying at the 2021 PBA50 National Championship.


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11 Comments on “Watch Joe Scarborough Convert The 7-10 At PBA50 National Championship”

    1. I got 13 1/2 years before I am 50. I can’t wait. Love bowling regionals and can’t wait to bowl the pba50 tour

  1. can somebody help me , who was the pro that picked it up by sliding it over? it is a you tube or was ? it is as it sounds unbelievable

  2. 7 10’s are cool regardless but it’s more impressive when they actually go for it.
    He didn’t go for it in this video he just got insanely lucky with the carry.

  3. Guys anybody remember but that’s “Mr 900″….He did this in Pba competition back in 2013.

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