Watch Walter Ray Williams Jr.’s Final Frame On The National PBA Tour

Walter Ray Williams Jr. announced his retirement from full-time competition on the PBA Tour. We captured his final frame.


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27 Comments on “Watch Walter Ray Williams Jr.’s Final Frame On The National PBA Tour”

  1. Thank you Walter Ray Williams Jr. you always be remembered to me as Mr. Big 4 and I hope some of you know what I’m talking about

  2. For both WRWJ and PW to retire at the same tournament together to me could not have been more poetic. Those guys faced each other more times on TV than anyone in PBA history, name a bigger rivalry in any sport! WRWJ is still my idol of bowling, not just because of his calm, collective, and classy demeanor, but because the dude perfected bowling, there’s a reason Walter Ray won 100+ PBA titles! Dead eye is a winner!

    Happy Trails Walter Ray! PBA TV is going to miss you, your fans will miss you, and I’ll miss you!

  3. Man I feel old. I remember doing a workshop with him, Doug Kent, and norm Duke when I was in high school.

  4. He got the entire bowling experience for his last PBA frame. A perfect strike, the lucky Brooklyn, and the everlasting ringing ten.

    1. Where PDW struck half pocket in the 10th, left the 2-4-5-7 in the 11th, & converted the spare in the 12th. WRW Jr. slid that 10-Pin into the center of the pin deck with the 6-Pin beautifully in the 10th. You’re correct, it was a perfect strike. A cross over trip 6 in the 11th, & the forever dreaded Solid-10 in the 12th. Agree, it was an interesting 10th frame for his finale!

  5. Wishing Walter Ray and PDW a happy retirement from PBA and hope to see them participating actively in the senior championships in the future.

  6. I hope everyone saw the televised interviews a couple nights back during the finals… it was memorable!

  7. 30years ago, I learned bowl from your
    TV appearance and video
    I don’t know how to say thank you WALTER
    Still l remember you visited Korea,Seoul
    and your great bowl,1995
    Thank you so much.Forever WALTER

  8. Have much respect for Walter Ray, would put him a close 2nd behind Earl Anthony as the greatest. Good luck.

  9. Sad to see you go, Walter. WRW2 ruled for a lot of years. Thanks for the memories and have a great rest of your life!

  10. I asked him how he bowled once, and he told me “Not good, but at least I got paid.” Truly an icon

  11. How sad that he had to end his career during this pandemic. He should have had the normal amount of fans there bidding him a proper farewell.

  12. One of the greatest spare shooters ever.When he was striking no one could beat him.Always gracious win or lose.A great,great professional.Good luck to you Walter.

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