Watch Walter Ray Williams Jr. Shoot His First Two Handed 300

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Watch all 12 shots as Walter Ray Williams Jr. fires his first career two-handed 300 game in the first round of qualifying at the 2019 PBA50 River City Open.


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41 Comments on “Watch Walter Ray Williams Jr. Shoot His First Two Handed 300”

    1. I have seen both Belmo and Palermaa bowl one handed and they can generate tons of power. They really don’t need to bowl two handed but they are more comfortable like that.

    2. @Tim Doyle yeah Walter was definitely more consistent, accurate, strategic, etc. than belmo. The 2 hand just gives them easier revs so they can miss and still get 10

    3. bwahahha right??? All jokes aside, i watched him at one of the Six Flags tourneys way back, and he strung together 8 or 9 in a row 1 handed, but it was during warmup….his motion is very similar.

  1. I think he just proved he’s the Greatest right here. To bowl this many years One handed and then go and bowl a Perfect game with the New school style. That’s impressive.

    1. @Alan Sabin yeah I watched, but this is the only time I’ve seen someone curve it on the PBA50. I don’t watch that as often though so that’s maybe why

    2. @Gabe Dayon ok , quit a few do hook the ball and have plenty of speed.
      maybe the pba should put some pba 50 tournaments on national tv.
      a lot of viewers would love to watch the greats go at it against guys who
      should have been on tour in the past. real good matches in the 50 tour.
      thanks take care

    3. @jordan jewboy – All over the place on many shots?!?!?! You can’t possibly be talking about this video. He was extremely consistent. He pretty much hit the same mark at the arrows and the breaking point every shot. 20 at the arrows and 10 at the breaking point in the first few frames and 21 and 11 the last 9-10 shots. He was never off by more than a board all game.

  2. The interesting thing is, even with the two-handed delivery, it’s still not the huge hook that many of the two handers have. But it’s a perfect hook/rotation for “deadeye”

  3. I find it hard to believe he decided to retire last week. After shooting this i would expect him to compete more. Him and Norm Duke are still competitive and legends of the sport

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