Wesley Low Shoots 900 In Arizona

At the Ponderosa Singles Classic in Glendale, Arizona, on Sunday, PBA Tour rookie Wesley Low fired a 900 in the USBC-certified event.


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34 Comments on “Wesley Low Shoots 900 In Arizona”

    1. @Ironfangzu what do you mean there are many hof bowlers who never did it? I thought all of the pro bowlers never did it. I guess technically all of them could be stated as many of them.

  1. been bowling for 14 years now. never 300 but one time varipapa 300 and two 279 games..
    well maybe someday.. 😀

    1. I’m jealous as hell. I bowled over 40 yrs, never rolled a legit 300, just a couple of Varipapas. My high series is 803

  2. Congratulations!! Insane bowling.
    He’s shooting 900 and people are still bowling like it’s no big deal.

  3. I remember back in 2000 James Hilton at Firebird Lanes Salem Oregon bowled at the time, the 6th or 7th (I think it was only the 6th or so at that time) 900 series during league. I was in the center that night as a lil kid.

  4. So I started bowling leagues in 1964 and still bowl today. I am a lefty and over the last 15 years have average over 200 on the books. I have many sanctioned 279 games and a personal high of 280 but never shot a perfect 300 game.

  5. This man is sensational. He is qualified to help any current or future bowler pursuing dreams on the lanes.

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