10 Comments on “What It’s Like To Be A Lefty On The PBA Tour”

  1. I am a proud lefty bowler who bowls both 1 handed and 2 handed. I love seeing how many lefties there are on the pro tour, my role models are rhino page and Jakob Butturff. I agree that bowling left-handed is difficult because The oil will be broken down by ourselves because there’s barely any traffic on the left side of the lane.

  2. So I’m a lefty but I can throw a decent backup ball and play the right side of the lane if needed. Its nice 🙂

  3. great video, i am left handed, and rightees dont understand why sometimes its so tough, of they know but they argue like they dont. LEFT SIDE RULES

  4. I agree with fellow lefties commenting here that the conditions can be difficult at times. When we had wood lanes it was totally different where we could basically play where we wanted while the righties had to play the track area. Synthetic lanes and reactive resin balls totally changed the game. Nice video with the insight of the pro lefties.

  5. Very true. When you find the groove it’s pretty much your the whole block. But finding it and finding it fast is the key. Proud to be a lefty. Green handled scissors 🟢.

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