Wicked break costs Norm Duke #1 seed in PBA Wolf Open

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Norm Duke needs a strike to lock up the #1 seed over Chris Loschetter for the stepladder finals of the Lucas Oil PBA Wolf Open at the 2013 GEICO PBA Summer Swing. For more info, or to subscribe to Xtra Frame, visit pba.com or xtraframe.tv.

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22 Comments on “Wicked break costs Norm Duke #1 seed in PBA Wolf Open”

  1. it looked like the guy on the left got his ball out the 1 board, but tough break for norm duke. at least he did something funny after his strike, classic norm.

  2. Oh yeah, it definitely was. You will see a lot of people playing the 1-2 board on this pattern.

  3. That line EJ Tackett was playing was insane. Don’t see many people play the 1 board these days

  4. He did. In fact that’s the breakpoint for this pattern because 32′ – 31 = 1 board for breakpoint

  5. That rule is interesting… The only time it’s ever a completely horrible idea is on that 50 foot pattern they use in the newish PBA League? lol

  6. It’s a bowling semi-well-known term called the “Rule of 31”. It’s where you take the pattern length (in this case, 32) and subtract the aforementioned 31, and that result (in this case, 1) is the board where your breakpoint should be. It is not always required (clearly), but is a nice standard or something to base a ball reaction off of, especially when you don’t know where to play. One of the biggest issues with the rule is the badger (52′) and the old TOC (50′) because the pocket is 17.5 board

  7. @dalcowfan22 Actually, the result of substracting 31 from the pattern length is the board where the ball must come out of the oil, not that break point, so theoretically there is no exception to the rule.

    1. No joke…I adjusted the speed to 1/4 just to see how close that was from gutter. Good thing he has awesome rev rate.

  8. the only thing I don’t understand in bowling right now is how AMF bowling centers are using Brunswick A2’s and not amf pinsetters? I mean they even put AMF stickers on the sweeps! Isn’t that infringement on the Brunswick A2?

  9. So in canada we have 10 pin bowling, but we also have 5 pin here, in 5 pin a perfect game is a 450, total of all 5 pins is 15 points, 3 weeks ago i had 11 in a row on the board and left the corner pin up on my almost perfect game, the pin was on its very edge and some how stood right back up, i dropped to my knees in disbelief, but happy i bowled a 448

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