Winning VS Losing at Bowling. Team USA Trials Day 4 with Sydney Brummett

Winning VS Losing at Bowling. Team USA Trials Day 4 with Sydney Brummett

Join Mike Flanagan as he documents Sydney Brummett's day 4 of qualifying at the 2023 Team USA Trials in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Gold Coast Bowling Center.

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13 Comments on “Winning VS Losing at Bowling. Team USA Trials Day 4 with Sydney Brummett”

  1. Very well done vlog—editing was nice and smooth. It was very painful to see all those pocket hits not strike. She could never find the right ball and location to fit her game. However, as mentioned her physical game looked great!

  2. Very well put together! This was one of my favorites! What a great inside look. Best of luck this season.

  3. Agreed with many other comments. Although I’d never wish struggled performance on any player, I appreciate how she explained her process of selecting one ball over another, what worked/what didn’t. I would watch her any day – one to follow! Good luck Syd!

  4. Absolutely fantastic piece of work. seriously great. what else can i say? as a viewer my heart goes out to Syd because i can see she’s trying so hard. and that, Mike, is EXACTLY what bowling and especially the PBA has needed for years! BRAVO!

  5. It is amazing the arsenal that is needed in the modern game (brought 12 balls). Personally, not a fan of that, but understand that with a variety of conditions and changing conditions it has huge advantages. That said, grew up in the era of learning to adjust releases and rotation of adapt. Just doesn’t compete in today’s environment. That said, what is says is that the equipment is now the deal breaker in outcomes. Skill is still critical.

  6. Demeanor describing the block was the same as describing what she needed to do during the vlog. Most bowlers would be tongue tied describing the results, so kudos to her with her mental game. Nick said it best . She still threw it well. Very impressed with her game. Great vlog!

  7. Why would you want asyms with 21 mills omg you need iq tours hustle pbr type of look not much surface 4k then ordinance c4 light 4k just to knock off polish

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