World Series of Bowling XIV Chronicles | Episode 1 | PBA Cheetah Championship Qualifying

Recapping the first 20 games of PBA World Championship qualifying, which also led to the top five players over those 20 games advancing to the PBA Cheetah Championship stepladder finals that would take place a week later.

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18 Comments on “World Series of Bowling XIV Chronicles | Episode 1 | PBA Cheetah Championship Qualifying”

  1. Holy smokes 😮 they brought back the chronicles. They even used the same intro with the music and narrator too like 2017. The 2017 chronicles was awesome, thanks for bringing this back.

  2. Can someone explain the scoring? Does every championship have a specific average? Or is it always like a 220?

    1. Everything is based off a 200 game. So if you get a 180, your score is -20 for that game. If you bowl a 230, your score is +30 for that game. Get it? It simplifies the scoring. And yes, it’s always the same. Every tournament is based off 200.

  3. Thanks for bringing this back AND for the pressers. Not only is it great content it can only grow the game.

  4. 9:27 look at the size of these little finger holes !
    Then he puts his Own Fingers in the holes! 🙄

  5. This is what the PBA has been missing. Following the players through the tournament and then having those press conferences is a great move.

  6. Maldonado has the slowest Rev rate and ball speed I’ve ever seen from a 2 hander

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