7 Comments on “Worst of: 2023 PBA Tournament of Champions”

  1. Definitely a lot of interesting off-hits in this year’s TOC, the lanes seemed really diabolical during the extended stepladders

  2. TOC was just straight up ugly for spare shooting. Unacceptable for pro’s to mess so many straight single pins and buckets. I dont care about missing on the strikes shots on a hard pattern, as that is normal, but missing so many single pins, and AA almost missed a 5 pin like what… You rarely ever saw spare shooting this bad back in the day. EJ missing TWO 3-6-10’s in a championship match. Its crazy.

  3. Here’s my take: Seventeen of the worlds best pro bowlers… MISSING THE HEADPIN SO MANY TIMES! Unreal! And also… JASON. BELMONTE. This man was in 58th place after the first round of qualifying and somehow ended up winning the whole dang tournament. INSANE. Keep in mind that EJ Tackett was undefeated heading into this tournament. Belmo just handed him his first loss of the season, and the GOAT is on his own undefeated streak as he starts his season 6-0.

    Side note: Anyone else miss Chris Via’s 1-2-3-4-5-7-8-10 washout at 5:23? 😂

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