11 Comments on “WSOB XIV PBA Scorpion Championship Press Conference – Jakob Butturff (April 18, 2023)”

  1. man when Jakob won you saw him go through the full run of emotions. EJ came to win tonight and Jakob just executed better… so glad he won after his mistakes yesterday.

  2. If he had to throw anything other then a purple hammer you would never see Jakob on TV again. Same with Jesper and the Pitch black, you saw what happened when he had to throw something else. 1 trick ponies, but they are very good at that 1 trick. Just saying.

    1. I think that could be flipped around with any type of ball. Would Belmo be as good if he could only throw urethane or plastic? If variety of equipment is allowed to become such a part of a sport then everyone needs to find their niche. It’d be like saying a great tennis player or golfer are only great because of the racquet or club they use.

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