WSOB XIV PBA World Championship Press Conference – EJ Tackett (April 23, 2023)

The post-game press conference with EJ Tackett, who won the PBA World Championship for his 21st PBA Tour title and fourth major.

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25 Comments on “WSOB XIV PBA World Championship Press Conference – EJ Tackett (April 23, 2023)”

    1. Yeah sad day for bowling. I used to love lacing it up with billy and picking his brain. One of the nicest guys in bowling.

    1. Mark Roth with 8 titles, I don’t remember the year but I think he bowled in the title match 14 times that year

  1. It truly was an all time great championship match from two of the best to ever do it. EJ is in a league of his own in so many ways. Great champion.

  2. EJ! Lets go! Player of the year on lock! For the people who say “but what about Simo?”….. No comment.

  3. I really like these post tournament interviews. They would be so much better if you could actually hear the interviewer’s questions!

  4. EJ. You’re awesome but the #1 comment should be thanking THE LORD GOD for blessing you with the talent you have. Keep up the good work!

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