WSOB XIV PBA World Championship Top Five Press Conference April 20, 2023)

The post-game press conference with the stepladder finalists for the PBA World Championship that will air Sunday, April 23 at noon ET on FOX.

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41 Comments on “WSOB XIV PBA World Championship Top Five Press Conference April 20, 2023)”

  1. what are the odds of the rookie of the year bowler shantu winning this major? i would like to see him winning.

  2. 🙂 Right now the odds on Santtu winning the 🏆 are 💯to 1…..🤨Also the same odds Simo opening his mouth.

    1. Yeah. His immaturity really showed there. Usually with experience and age comes wisdom. Maybe he’ll get a pouting trophy. Actually a great bowler with a lot of talent but his bad certainly outweighs his good.

    2. @t51366 So that’s an excuse? This is not how a grown man behaves…particularly if he’s a public figure and “brand ambassador”, for lack of a better term. Does wonders for the PBA’s public image. Dude gets to bowl for a living… time to put on the big boy pants.

  3. I was starting to be a Simo fan but after his no comments no way, I have always like EJ better anyway

  4. At the end of matchplay Simmo and Butters were tied for 2nd so had to bowl an extra game and Simmo appeared to be upset that they were give a 5 minute warm up. Commentators said it’s a black and white rule that any roll off’s have 5 minute warm up. Seems really petty if that’s what this is all about.

    1. i was right for what i said a day after he won his 3rd USBC saying his titles are a fluke and he’s just a lucky person to win those major titles by nobody’s

  5. Pulling for the underdog Santtu, then Butters, EJ, Belmo, and Simo. Good luck to all. Happy for whoever wins.

  6. Butters and Santu are my picks. Both very cool individuals. Santu always looks high and happy 😊, and Butters because of his unique style, these guys deserve a little limelight for a change

    1. ​@t51366… so let me get this straight…. you get a trophy, do interviews, possibly get a new sponsor, and… bowl on tv… EVERY TIME you win a game, or qualifying match?
      Wow, sounds like the PBA has some catching up to do. 🤦‍♂️

  7. This is going to be an insane stepladder finals. We have the reigning PBA Rookie of the Year, the 7-time and reigning PBA Player of the Year, the 2019 USBC Masters champion, this year’s USBC Masters champion and the front-runner for 2023 PBA Player of the Year/2023 US Open champion. This will be a crazy final five!

  8. Unbelievable…..Belmo is on Fire 🔥. I pick Belmo to win but TJ is on a hot streak too. Simonsen needs to give an interview for the fans. there isn’t enough fans to pull that kind of Crap. His attitude is ridiculous. Damn good bowler though.

    1. @Pat B He didn’t give a reason….only “No Comment”. Might be something to do with the extra game he had to play.

    2. it has to be the post i uploaded talking about it on my community saying his USBC title he won this year was a fluke and just got lucky, and saying he doesn’t deserve a PBA player of the year award

  9. Simo needs to grow up..hall of famer got 4th..and he’s got his little attitude about 2nd..just shows the age gap..glad to see professionalism in E.J and Belmo and the others..they are just happy to make it in..gotta stay humble ..that’s all

  10. I have another thought here. The segment on the show yesterday when Kimberly Pressler surveyed many players on “who is the sorest loser”. It certainly made Simo look bad IMO. Maybe he is not happy with them doing a segment like that? IDK

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